12 Oct 22 | News

Parenting leave and childhood services

New annual international report (available for research community and policy makers)

Work-family reconciliation policies, e.g. parental leave, are designed to facilitate the work-life balance among mothers and fathers and enhance gender equality.

Sharing and disseminating the information about the development of the family-work reconciliation policies and results of the research in this field in Luxembourg helps international expert community to compare policies in different countries and identify best practices. In this way, we help Luxembourg to position itself in the international context and to recognise aspects, where the policies could be made more efficient.

The LISER researcher Marie Valentova has contributed to the 18th International Review on Leave Policies.

This year, the review covers 49 countries, including Luxembourg, as well as other countries in Europe, the Americas and East Asia plus South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Produced by members of the International Network on Leave Policies and Research, the annual review contains information for each country on parenting and other types of leave, including details of each kind of leave, take-up rates, developments over the past year, and the relationship between parenting leave and early childhood services. It provides a comprehensive summary, which is used in comparative research in social policy by academics  and also by EU and national policy makes.

Luxembourg’s country report can be accessed at