22 Nov 22 | News

Meet a researcher

Adda Carla Justiniano Medina

Living Conditions Department

I am a social scientist, economist by training.

I completed a double master’s degree in Economic Development and Growth at the University of Lund in Sweden and at the University Charles III of Madrid in Spain, and before that, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Genoa in Italy. I am currently a doctoral researcher at the Living Conditions department, expecting to defend my Ph.D. dissertation the next spring, 2023.

A highlight of my studies was specializing in Micro-econometrics and Economic Demography, which traced the path for me to do academic research. Moreover, I have been living in 7 different countries and I could observe first hand phenomena that are socially and academically relevant, hence, inspired by these, I decided to do a PhD in Luxembourg, which is an extremely cosmopolitan place, where my research interests are quite pertinent.

Among my research interests are the labor market premia and penalties related to gender and migration. In my PhD thesis, I analyzed the integration of immigrant women in the labour market, in terms of employment and salaries, and I am currently studying the general life satisfaction of immigrant men and women in Luxembourg. My research is part of the “Doctoral Training Unit on Migration, Inequalities and Labour Markets” (MINLAB), an FNR funded research program involving applied socio-economic research on issues around migration, labour markets and inequalities.

 In the near future, I aim to study the effects of discrimination and the determinants of the gap between immigrants and natives at different parts of the salary distribution. In the long-run, I see myself contributing to the academic debate and improvement of policies in favor of immigrants and other vulnerable groups, at an academic institution or international organization. 

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