01 Feb 23 | News

Survey on Affordable Housing in Luxembourg

from 02-01-2023 to 03-31-2023

Access to adequate, affordable housing that meets household needs is one of the biggest challenges in our country. In order to obtain more information on housing needs, the Ministry of Housing, in collaboration with LISER, has developed a survey on the Affordable Housing in Luxembourg.

This survey aims to collect information about your housing conditions, housing and life satisfaction, housing choices, housing-related lifestyle and perceptions of subsidised housing and housing policies in Luxembourg. The survey is co-funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) as part of the project A-HOUSE (The Effects of Affordable Housing on Subjective Well-being) led by Magdalena Gorczynska-Angiulli at LISER.

The survey will cover people living in housing with financial participation of the state ( as well as those living in private market housing ( 

If you are part of our sample of more than 30,000 Luxembourg residents, you will receive a letter of invitation to participate in the web survey translated into five languages (FR, LU, DE, ENG, PT), containing an individual login and password. The survey will be open until 31 March 2023.  Your participation is essential but voluntary.

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