11 Oct 23 | News

NEW annual review of leave policies and related research

The 2023 review by the 'International Network on Leave Policies and Research' covers 50 countries.

LISER researcher Marie Valentova (Living Conditions Department) is a member of The International Network on Leave Policies and Research.  The Network is pleased to announce that the 2023 edition of the network’s annual review of leave policies has been completed and is now available online.  As usual, it is free to view and download online. 

This year’s edition covers 50 countries. As well as most countries in the Americas and Europe, the review covers Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia and South Africa. For each country, there is a detailed country note covering different types of leave and flexible working; take-up of leave; the relationship between leave and early childhood services and changes – both actual and discussed – over the last year. There are also a number of cross-national tables, enabling comparisons between countries in the review. 

The part of the report on Luxembourg is available here.

(Berger, F., Salagean, I. and Valentova, M. (2023) ‘Luxembourg country note’, in Blum, S., Dobroti?, I., Kaufmann, G., Koslowski, A. and Moss, P. (eds.) International Review of Leave Policies and Research 2022).