08 Feb 24 | News 25-26 June 2024

Call for Papers: 2nd Junior Workshop on The Economics of Migration

Submission deadline: 25 February 2024

June 25-26, 2024 | Campus Belval | Maison des Sciences Humaines | Conference room 1st floor

This workshop follows the spirit of the online webinar series on the economics of migration, an initiative that was launched in April 2020 to provide a platform for economists working on migration to present their work virtually.

It offers Ph.D. students and early-stage researchers (post-docs and assistant professors with less than 3 years of experience) an opportunity to share their work in a constructive environment, as well as to exchange the results of recent research in different fields of migration economics. 

Submissions: Applicants should either be PhD students or have defended their PhD after June 1st 2021.
Please submit full papers in PDF by February 25, 2024 here

Scientific committee: E. Bacher (LISER), C. Barreto (FAU), M. Beine (University of Luxembourg), S. Bertoli (CERDI), G. Chaves Bosch (Queen Mary University), M-A. Castellanos (UC3M), M. Clerc (CERDI), L. Delgado-Prieto (UC3M), F. Docquier (LISER), A. Edo (CEPII), B. Evreux (PSE), J. FernándezHuertas Moraga (UC3M), C. Gathmann (LISER), E. Gautrain (University of Fribourg), M. Gertrudis Feranández (UC3M), Y. Govind (CBS), G. Grasso (University of Luxembourg), M. Roy Mathur (UC Davis), J. Machado (LISER), H. Rapoport (PSE), S. Schneider-Strawczynski (University of Exeter), S. Signorelli (CREST), F. Stips (LISER), and J. Valette (CEPII).

Organization: Joël Machado (LISER) & Jérôme Valette (CEPII).
Any queries can be emailed to the organizing committee at:

Please visit the conference website for additional information.

The Junior Workshop on the Economics of Migration is a joint initiative of CERDI, PSE, LISER, the University of Luxembourg, Universidad Carlos III, CEPII, and the IC Migrations.