A prestigious ERC Starting grant from the European Commisson

A prestigious ERC Starting grant from the European Commission for Camille Perchoux, young researcher at LISER. A project dedicated to the societal scourge of the modern world: the stress.
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4èmes Rencontres Francophones Transport Mobilité (RFTM)

Date limite pour soumettre une proposition de session thématique: 21 janvier 2022
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Second publication on gender inequalities in Luxembourg during the COVID-19 crisis: "Time use, childcare and home schooling"

The ‘LISER-MEGA Series on Gender Dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic’ summarises research findings and presents the views of experts on various dimensions of gender in the crisis
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Le LISER publie un rapport sur la problématique du logement abordable au Luxembourg

L‘étude analyse l’évolution du taux d’effort des ménages résidents du Luxembourg selon leur mode d’occupation et leur niveau de vie entre 2016 et 2019
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News | 24 Dec 21
Job openings at LISER!
We are recruiting Research Assistants as well as interns and administrative staff
LISER (Editor), Frédéric Docquier, Konstantinos Tatsiramos, (et al.)
News | 21 Dec 21
New paper examines gender differences in the economics profession and the impact PhD students have with their selection
The early career choices of PhD students have implications for gender differences in subsequent career growth and development
News | 15 Dec 21
Europe Beyond Mobility
Has mobility lost its potential for social cohesion and political integration?
Publications | 18 Jan 22
Antoine Decoville, Frédéric Durand, Christophe Sohn
News | 10 Dec 21
LISER researchers win 2020 Miriam Hederman O’Brien Prize
Denisa M. Sologon and Iryna Kyzyma were recognised for their work on modelling the distributional impact of the COVID-19 crisis
Publications | 21 Dec 21
Solomon W. Polachek, Konstantinos Tatsiramos, Giovanni Russo, (et al.)