13 Feb 23 | News

Women & Girls in Science - Thuc Uyen Nguyen-Thi

To showcase the many paths of women in science in Luxembourg, and to inspire young girls to pursue their passion for science, the institutions that form Research Luxembourg have joined forces again for the second season of the video series “Women & Girls in Science”, in collaboration with MEGA, the Ministry for Equality in Luxembourg. 

Choosing the path of science and research can have many trajectories. To show a glimpse of what different science journeys can look like, the 6 women featured in this series represent different institutions, scientific focus, backgrounds, and functions.

From a PhD candidate, a research facilitator, to research scientists and professors, the stories told in this second season reflect the many options for a career in science and research in Luxembourg. 

Each video tells a story about a woman in science in Luxembourg, the path they have chosen and why, as well as their message for young girls interested in science. 

An episode of Lisa Burke's podcast “In Conversation with Lisa Burke”- broadcast every Saturday on RTL Today - is dedicated to the subject. The programme features participants in the campaign as well as members of the Luxembourg research community involved in gender and equality issues, for an exchange of views on various topics related to the position of women in science. 

Thuc Uyen Nguyen-Thi, researcher in Labour and Behavioural Economics at LISER

 Scientist is a challenging job. I have faced failures, frustrations and a lot of stress. However, I am lucky enough to work with great colleagues with whom I can share my thoughts and build exciting projects together. 

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