Upcoming events


Inequality and Pain

Prof. Michael C. Wolfson (University of Ottawa)

Unemployment Insurance and Learning: Evidence from Reservation Wages

Patrick Arni (University of Bristol)

Inflation and Welfare in the laboratory

Daniela Puzzello (Indiana University)

A test of portfolio efficiency and risk preferences

Jean Paul Rabanal (Monash University)

Pricing exchange traded funds in laboratory markets

Olga Rud (RMIT University)

Immigrant franchise and immigration policy: Evidence from the Progressive Era

Giovanni Facchini (University of Nottingham)

SEMILUX - Luxembourg seminar on social inequalities and public policies

Philippe Van Kerm (Uni.Lu & LISER) and Guillaume Osier (Statec)

Are political and economic integration intertwined?

Giovanni Facchini (University of Nottingham, CEPR, CES-Ifo and IZA)


Age at Enrollment in Daycare and Child Development

Mette Gørtz (University of Copenhagen)

To be announced

Kaj Zimmerbauer (University of Oulu)

Stable marriage, household consumption and unobserved match quality

Bram de Rock (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

To be announced

Janet Currie (Princeton University)


To be announced

Catherine Morency (Polytechnique Montreal)


To be announced

Martin Lanzendorf (Goethe-Universität)


To be announced

Richard Blundell (University College London)

To be announced

Anne V. Moudon (University of Washington)

To be announced

Oskar Nordström Skans (Uppsala University)

To be announced

Emma Aguila (University of Southern California)


To be announced

Stephen V. Burks (University of Minnesota, Morris)


To be announced

Sara Ayllón (Universitat de Girona)

To be announced

Anna Raute (Queen Mary University London)

To be announced

Ray Forrest (Lingnan University)

To be announced

Yann Algan (Sciences Po)


To be announced

Ana Rute Cardoso (Institute for Economic Analysis (CSIC) and Barcelona GSE)