15 Jan 18 | News

LISER awarded funding for ‘Promoting Science to the Public’ (PSP) project

Science & Society Cafes will encourage debate & discussions centred on the thematic of "Crossing Borders".

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) has awarded LISER funding for its PSP-Classic project. The programme’s objective is to strengthen the exchange between science and society by allowing lay audiences to interact with research in an innovative way.

LISER has elected to organise ‘Science & Society’ cafes where the lay public can learn about topical social issues in a very laidback and open setting. Focusing on the thematic of “Crossing Borders”, invited speakers from academia, politics and civil society will popularise knowledge to encourage open discussion.  Through debates, the public will be asked to use critical thinking and develop hypotheses and opinions on the research questions, the methods used and the way in which the results are interpreted.

The theme chosen, ‘Crossing Borders’, is a central theme in a country like Luxembourg. It is at the centre of the concerns for mobility (transport), housing, labour market and immigration and the results from it.

Project title:

« Science & Société - Échanges et débats sur des sujets d'actualité »

Duration: 12 months

Applicant & responsible for the project:

WISCOUR-CONTER Carole (events manager)

LISER researchers responsible of each cafe: