EU-SILC / PSELL (European Union-Statistics on Income and Living Conditions / Panel Socio-Economique Liewen zu Lëtzebuerg 3)

Legal Notices

In accordance with the law of July 2011, the 10th, dealing with the organization of the Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (STATEC), all our surveys are notified to the STATEC.

In accordance with the modified law of August 2002, the 2nd, concerning the protection of the data, all our surveys are subject to a prior notification to Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données (CNPD).

The data are used only for scientific purposes and the individual data are nor disclosed, nor used for taxation purposes. These information are treated confidentially. All the persons having an access to the surveys (including the interviewers) are bound by professional secrecy. In accordance with the law on data protection, you have the right to access to your personal information, and you can eventually ask to modify them. If you want to use these rights, you can contact LISER.

This survey is a panel survey focusing on the household living conditions and incomes (housing, equipment, health, professional situation, well-being and income).

- What is the purpose of this survey?

Since 2003, this annual survey (STATEC is the project ownership) has become the Luxembourgish part of the European reference source concerning income, poverty and living conditions statistics. This survey is coordinate by Eurostat and of national imperative. It ensures the creation of national and European indicators in the field of social cohesion and social protection. This surveys is particularly used to estimate the poverty rate and to give key information for the annual report on “Work and social cohesion” written by the STATEC.
The importance of such indicators has increased since June 2010 when the heads of European Union Member States (country or government) have decided that the European Union should reduce by 20 million the number of people in the EU living in households facing poverty and social exclusion. From the point of view of social scientists, a monitoring of the same households each year allows an original analysis which adapts to changes in society.

- Who is concerned?

Households that are living in Luxembourg

- Waves

EU-SILC / PSELL-3 [24/01/14 -30/09/14]
EU-SILC / PSELL-3 [15/01/13 -31/10/13]