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Welcome into the interactive socio-economic indicators website

Through their work, LISER researchers have identified different socioeconomic phenomena, which are relevant to the Grand Duchy, such as ageing of the working population and the material deprivation or the real estate prices. While not exhaustive, the new page is designed to provide an overview of the economic, social, and geographical dimensions of the country with a temporal and/or spatial scope thanks to dynamic and/or interactive graphics.

Beyond the numbers, this page also aims to guide the users in interpreting these indicators. Thus, an indicators page may include supporting texts which will allow for a better understanding of the facts and of the socio-political context for scientists as well as the general public. For users wishing further information on an indicator or research theme, every indicator will be linked to the publications (where possible) or to other relevant themes.

On this page, you will find all the indicators classified under the three research departments of LISER (left) as well as all the new/updates indicators (Right).