Doctoral Programme

Recruitment and admission of PhD candidates


External calls are issued and published nationally and internationally with the aim to identify promising PhD candidates who are able to successfully pursue their PhD and whose research interests are in line with the research priorities of the Institute.

The selection is made fairly and is non-discriminatory, due consideration to gender balance and to diversity is given.

The selection procedure has 3 stages:

  • A pre-selection based on the application files (short-list);
  • Skype interviews of the short listed candidates resulting in a second selection step;
  • In-person interviews at LISER of the selected candidates. These final interviews include a visit of the Institute and of the Belval Campus and an encounter with members of the relevant research team to become familiar with their possible future research and work environment.

The recruitment procedure at LISER is inspired by the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.


The Recruiting and Evaluation Committee takes decisions regarding admission. This committee is composed of the PhD supervisor(s), the DTU coordinator (if applicable), the Head of Department or researchers from the Department in which the PhD candidate will be affiliated, the HR manager, the doctoral programme manager and the CEO of LISER.

The Recruitment and Evaluation Committee evaluates the candidates' scientific and academic skills. Skills that are more personal are also considered. The criteria taken into consideration are:

  • Academic ability and research potential of the PhD candidates;
  • Thematic fit with the appointed PhD supervisor(s)' research interest;
  • Motivation for engaging in a PhD, perseverance, open mindedness, adaptability to multicultural environment, ability to work independently and in a team.

Selected candidates are offered a first 12 month contract. After the first year evaluation, and if the evaluation is positive, a second contract of 24 months is established. A second evaluation takes place 30 months (2.5 years) after the initial start of the PhD. In case a one-year extension is needed and approved, the PhD candidate is granted an additional 12 month contract.

LISER PhD Training Scheme Timeline